Welcome to Richard Woods Art!

I am pleased you are here to view my artwork!  I have divided my art pieces into 2 separate portfolios for
you to browse. The first one is Pastel Paintings, and the second one is for Portraits. Also I have included my notes
along side each image if you are interested in my thoughts about the piece.

The Pastel portfolio includes a few colored pencil drawings, and a charcoal and pen drawing, along with the pastel
paintings. They are all originals, and all are for sale, with the image size and price listed. If you have any questions
about any of the paintings or wish to make a purchase, please contact me. My contact information is available
in the information tab, as well as other information you might be interested in.

The portraits are not for sale, but for show only. Most are done in graphite, with a couple of pastel portraits for
you to see!

You may use the guest book to make any comments regarding the artwork, or the site.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

I will be adding to the portfolio on a regular basis so please come again!